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Visa Requirements & Health Insurance

Visa requirements (NON- EU residents only) 

International students (outside the EU) residing in the Slovak Republic need a temporary stay visa. In many cases, the application must be submitted to the Embassy or Consulate of Slovak Republic in the student's home country; check with your local Slovak Embassy or Consulate before you leave home! It is also necessary for all students to register at the foreign police department in Košice after arrival in the Slovak Republic to obtain a temporary residence permit.
• EU-Residents do not need a visa or temporary residence permit.

For more information, visit the Slovak Embassy nearest you.

Health Insurance 

International students must have health insurance coverage within the Slovak Republic in order to obtain a temporary residence permit.

EU residents:

Should obtain a general health insurance policy for students studying abroad. Applicants from the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland: Free or reduced-cost necessary treatment is available on production of a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The EHIC gives access to state-provided medical treatment only and the plan does not provide entitlement to medical repatriation costs, nor does it cover ongoing illnesses of a non-urgent nature. Note that the EHIC replaces the Form E111, which is no longer valid.

Other nationalities:

Medical insurance is mandatory; without this, entry may be refused. IMS will help students find basic health insurance, either in their home country or in the Slovak Republic.  More information can be obtained from the Slovak Ministry of Health.

Sample of text for power of attorney

I, [Name] who resides at [address, city, county, state], designate [Attorney-In-Fact’s Name] as my attorney in fact (the agent) to pick for me the criminal record from the Slovak embassy. Please add your original signature and your  ID.


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