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University of Veterinary & Pharmaceutical Sciences, Brno - 6 Year Programme

In 2004 the FVM established a special English language Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree program. This six year degree program, taught exclusively in English is based on the standard D.V.M. program offered at the university. Not only are all courses conducted in English, but the curriculum is tailored to the international practice of veterinary medicine.

Graduates from FVM are awarded an EU accredited academic degree of doctor of Veterinary Medicine (MVDr). The diploma is fully compatible for carrying out veterinary services in the EU countries. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is the member of the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education - EAEVE.

The program is quite exclusive. While 900 students are enrolled in the Czech D.V.M. degree program, only 180 participate in the English program. The international program is open only for 50 new candidates each year.

From start to finish, the FVM at UVPS Brno gives graduates the necessary experience to enter the veterinary profession in their home countries with confidence.


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