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University of Sydney Faculty of Medicine

Information for future students

Sydney Medical School's purpose is to develop caring, clear-thinking, clinically outstanding, research capable and globally engaged graduates who have the potential to be leaders in medicine, public health and research.

The Sydney Medical Program has taken out numerous teaching awards and is licensed to universities in the UK, South Africa and the Middle East and to other universities in Australia. The Medical Program provides a unique learning environment that nurtures communication, team work and life-long learning backed by hard evidence, essential for tomorrow’s doctors.

Our postgraduate coursework programs cover a wide range of disciplines. Many are offered on-line or by distance and some, such as our Pain Management program, are the first of their kind in the world.

Respected as not only a provider of quality teaching but also as a leader in research, the Medical School attracts over $200 million in competitive research funding from state, national and international bodies.

Covering 19 disciplines and with over 40 specialist research units, Sydney Medical School conducts cutting-edge education and research in the full spectrum of health and medical knowledge from the medical sciences through to clinical medicine, public health, health service delivery and medical education

Why study Medicine at Sydney?

Sydney Medical Program is a globally recognised, four-year graduate entry medical degree leading to the award of a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), offering:

  • Clinical experience at leading hospitals
  • Optional Honours within the standard 4-year course
  • Research opportunities at world-leading institutes
  • International connections & electives throughout Europe, Africa, North America and Asia
  • In-depth exposure to rural clinical practices
  • High teacher-student ratios
  • Extensive scholarship support

What will I learn?

The 4-year course includes weekly clinical experience in leading hospitals from the very first weeks, regular PBL (problem-based learning) exercises in small groups, traditional lectures with expert practitioners and ongoing opportunities to participate in research.

In years 1 and 2 you will gain hands-on experience in a structured, supervised program with regular patient contact and weekly clinical school participation.

In years 3 and 4 you will transfer to your clinical school full-time for further in-depth exposure to clinical practices. You'll also complete an elective term (preferably with one of our international partners) and may elect to undertake an honours research project.

During the degree you will accquire a thorough grounding in fundamental medical sciences and human anatomy, with the option to attend intensive dissection classes over summer.

There are also compulsory independent learning activities (again with numerous international opportunities), an 8-week rural rotation and pre-internship training, including preparation for North American registration if you intend to practice in the USA or Canada.

Upon successful completion of the course you will qualify to undertake an internship within the hospital system, following which you can apply for professional recognition as a medical practitioner in Australia or overseas.

Four main themes run through Sydney Medical Program:

Basic and Clinical Sciences

Ensures that you have the science knowledge appropriate for the Medical Program.
BCS (Basic and Clinical Sciences) sessions typically include laboratory work where you gain hands-on practical experience.

Patient and Doctor

You will be taught clinical skills, diagnostic methods, ‘bedside manner’ and informed about patient safety. This theme is taught in the clinical schools.

Population Medicine

Introduces students to subjects such as public health, evidence-based medicine, statistics, and health economics.
It is taught in interactive tutorial sessions.

Personal and Professional Development

In your professional development sessions you will become familiar with topics such as medical ethics, medico-legal issues and doctors’ health. These sessions are taught in an interactive tutorial environment.

From 2011 Sydney Medical School offers selected MBBS students the opportunity to complete a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in conjunction with the Sydney Medical Program (SMP). From 2012 Sydney Medical School offers MBBS students the opportunity to complete a Master of Public Health or a Master of International Public Health or a Master of Medicine (Clinical Epidemiology) in conjunction with the Sydney Medical Program (SMP).


Australian Medical Council (AMC) has confirmed the extension of the accreditation of the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery course of the University of Sydney, Sydney Medical School

Information received from Sydney Medical School website.

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