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University College Cork Medical School

History of the School

UCC opened its doors in 1849, under the powers of “an Act to enable Her Majesty to endow new colleges for the advancement of Learning in Ireland.” So began over a century and a half of teaching and research on behalf of the local community and the nation. The Faculty of Medicine in UCC was opened to approximately twenty students in 1849. Its purpose was “to afford the means of the most advanced and superior education to the inhabitants of this southern province.” The degree obtainable from the Faculty of Medicine was that of M.D. We, therefore, have a long and proud history of Medical Education. College policy has always been to make UCC “part of the city and of the province, and to forge strong links with the industry and agriculture of the province.” This can be seen in the number of doctors that have been educated and trained for the local region. We are also a modern Medical School striving, as we do, to keep pace with all the developments in the education of health care professionals.

UCC Graduate Entry Medicine Programme

UCC School of Medicine has a long tradition of excellence in medical education in Ireland.  In 2008, the School introduced a new Graduate Entry programme specially designed to cater for the advanced and diverse learning styles of the mature, university-experienced student.  This 4-year degree programme was created for individuals who hold a primary degree in any discipline and who would now like to follow a career in medicine. Graduate entry medical students merge with non-graduate (direct-entry) students in the second term of year 2, allowing graduate entry students the same clinical and teaching experiences, examinations, and medical degree as other medical students (MB, BCh, BAO).

Curriculum - Dynamic, Responsive, Enlightened

The medical curriculum at UCC reflects current best practice in medical education and is constantly re-assessed, re-appraised and improved.

An integrated systems-based curriculum -medical sciences are taught alongside clinical science and clinical skills, professional development and health and disease in society so that students acquire new knowledge in a patient-centred and holistic way. This is augmented by a wide range of special student-selected modules ranging from research projects to Humanities work-shops (Art and Medicine, Creative Writing and Medicine).

The Graduate Entry Medicine Programme recognizes the unique abilities and commitment of graduate entry students and has tailored the delivery of the curriculum accordingly.

Information received by University College Cork Medical School website.

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