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Semmelweis University Medical School

Mission Statement 

  • The basic aim of the University is to train medical and dental doctors and pharmacists who are able to provide safe and effective professional care.
  • The University maintains high academic standards and a curriculum with up-to-date technical and health care requirements.
  • The University trains graduates who are capable of functioning effectively both in individual or group practices.
  • The University has a leading role in academic research in Hungary, providing - through its Ph.D. doctoral programs - highly qualified researchers for future generations.
  • The University monitors and facilitates University Development Programs and assists the promotion of its university members.
  • The University is the main field of life-long continuing education and is responsible for the scientific and professional merits of health care in Hungary.
  • The University is also the largest hospital and polyclinic in Hungary and provides a large part of the specialty care for Hungarian citizens.
  • The University is responsible for Public Health Programs and prophylaxis.
  • The University’s PR activity and participation in several governmental, municipal and civic organizations and counseling bodies serves the interest of the profession and also the well-being of every patient.

General Information 


Semmelweis University has a more than 230-year old tradition of academic excellence and commitment to the education of physicians. Among Semmelweis alumni are Nobel-laureates, world renowned researchers and clinicians. Current enrolment at the Faculty of Medicine is 3200 students, at the Faculty of Dentistry 630, and at the Faculty of Pharmacy 649. A special German-language Doctor of Medicine/Dentistry program has 634 German students enrolled, while the programs in English have altogether 1420 students registered at three faculties. The University Hospitals have 2100 beds and admit about 108,000 patients annually. The outpatient departments care for approximately 1.8 million patients each year. Research programs at the Preclinical and Clinical Departments are sponsored by the University, the Ministry of Education, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, by many na- tional and international grants.


As a state university Semmelweis University functions under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health. The University is listed in the WHO’s directory of Medical Schools. The faculties of the University were reaccredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Board in 2006. The decision of the National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation of the USA declares: The standards and processes used by the Hungarian Accreditation Council to accredit medical schools in Hungary are comparable to those used to accredit medical schools in the United States.


European Union: In those professions where the conditions of education in Hungary are identical with those in the European Union, and these have already been recognized (medical and dental doctors, pharmacists etc.), the member states of the European Union are obliged to accept the diplomas issued in Hungary, independent of the language of tuition.

USA: Semmelweis graduates (as foreign graduates) have the right to pass the United States Medical Licensing Examinations (USMLE), after which they are eligible for residency.
Canada: Semmelweis graduates are eligible to pass the Medical Council of Canada Evaluation Examination (MCCEE) and the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) before applying for residencies.
Israel: Semmelweis graduates have to complete a one-year practice and pass a test before they are eligible for obtaining the permit to practice medicine.
India: Doctor of Dentistry degree of Semmelweis University is equivalent to B.D.S. degree in India.


Tuition fee for the 2011/2012 calendar year is $8,200 USD per semester + $200 registration fee.

Information received from the Semmelweis University website.

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