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Pomeranian Medical University


Pomeranian Medical University was founded in 1948. Viewed from its historical perspective, when compared with the multi-centennial tradition of other universities, a period of 60 years is short indeed. However, the Pomeranian Medical University due to its continuous development is well recognised both in Poland and in the world.

At present, the Pomeranian Medical University educates 4064 students of medicine, dentistry and nursing. Among them there are 494 students of English Program of both faculties: Medicine and Medicine & Dentistry.

Since long the Pomeranian Medical University has been maintaining scientific ties with renowned European universities. The contacts have resulted in the exchange of junior scientists, teaching staff, as well as in numerous publications in reputable journals.

The European Credit Transfer System, which provides a simple way of measuring and comparing study programs and learning achievements, has been implemented at the University.

The strongest point of the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin is the staff, scientists, teachers and physicians, who are well-educated and strongly motivated. All those factors contribute in a promising future for the University as well as our students.


  • The Pomeranian Medical University is considered as one of the best Medical Schools in Poland.
  • Diploma recognized in Europe.
  • The fourth most popular University among Norwegians studying medicine abroad
  • ·High quality of teaching.
  • ECTS implemented.
  • Very well educated and enthusiastic teachers offer you an effective system of medical education and practical training.
  • Instruction in small groups, both in pre-clinical and clinical courses.
  • Modern and well equipped laboratories, hospitals and clinics.
  • Developed and integrated community of foreign students, mainly from Scandinavian countries, Germany, Israel, Canada, but also from Poland.
  • Very convenient location in the North-West part of Poland with an easy connection to Polish and European cities.

Information received by the Pomeranian Medical University website.

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