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Medical University of Pleven

About The Pleven Medical University

The Pleven Medical University , one of the five medical Universities in Bulgaria, was established in 1974, expanding the horizons, size and reputation of the City Hospital, founded in 1865. Today, combining traditions of the past with the present possibilities, it incorporates educational and therapeutic facilities, contemporary pre-clinical base, Institute Hospital with more than 1000 beds with clinics in all major medical fields, as well as a large number of specialized clinics and research units with modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. These are efficiently used to treat patients, train students, trainee doctors, post-graduates and for research work.


Pleven offers a full-time six-year course of training in the specialty of Medicine which is structured in the following way:
2 years of pre-clinical study, 3 years of clinical study, and one year of state clinical practice /internship.

All graduates are awarded a Master’s Degree diploma of completed higher medical education. The academic Master’s Degree is conferred to them along with the professional qualification Physician. The studies are carried out in two courses according to the medium of instruction – in English and in Bulgarian language. The English-language-course students have to attend compulsory classes in Bulgarian language /6 hours a week/ for the first three years of training in order to be able to communicate with patients in the University hospital throughout their clinical studies.


The whole course of training in Medicine leading to the acquisition of the qualification Master’s degree has duration of 6 /six/ academic years. It comprises three consecutive stages: preclinical training – for 2 years, clinical training – for 3 years, and undergraduate clinical practice /Internship/ - for 1 year.

The main objective of the preclinical practice is to provide professional training in the field of the studied specialty, to improve the acquired practical knowledge and skills, to cultivate work habits in order to be able to solve organizational, prophylactic, diagnostic and other professional tasks. The clinical practice /Internship/ is carried out at the various clinics of the University Hospital. After that those students who have successfully passed their state examinations acquire a diploma for completed medical education along with the qualification Master’s degree with the professional right to practice general medicine.

An English-medium course of instruction in Medicine has been adopted with parallel teaching in Bulgarian language.

MU-Pleven offers a course of training for foreign students thoroughly conducted in Bulgarian language as the medium of instruction with duration of 7 years. In their first year of training the international students are study Bulgarian language intensively with general and medical purposes, acquiring the necessary terminology in Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Those students who have successfully passed the preparatory-course exams are enrolled in a six-year course of study in Medicine.  


The undergraduate and graduate programs of the University are accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science. In accordance with the law of higher education in Bulgaria, accreditation is given by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency at the Council of Ministers, certifying that the curricula and the quality of the training process meet the standards set by the state and the law.

The National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency is a statutory body for evaluation, accreditation and monitoring of the quality in higher education institutions and scientific organizations aiming at the enhancement of their teaching and research, as well as of their development as scientific, cultural, and innovative organizations. The Agency monitors the ability of institutions, their main units and branches to provide good quality of education and scientific research through an internal quality assurance system.

National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency is full member of European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education – ENQA

National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency is full member of European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education – EQAR  

Information received by the The Pleven Medical University website.

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