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Medical University of Lublin

About the Medical University of Lublin

The teaching of medicine and pharmacy in Lublin can be connected with the opening of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (UMCS) in 1944. Both faculties were educating young people at UMCS for over 5 years until they were separated to form Medical University in 1950. Today our University is proud to bear the name of its first Rector, a surgeon, professor Feliks Skubiszewski and is run by a nephrologist, professor Andrzej Książek, the eleventh Rector of the University.

In 1972 a Faculty of Nursing was created to be followed by Division of Dentistry at the Medical Faculty in 1973. Medical Analytics Division of Faculty of Phramacy was formed in 1995, English Language Division of Medical Faculty in 2001.

The Medical University of Lublin educated 14 thousand physicians (including over 100 graduates of the English (a Language Division), 2.5 thousand dentists, 6.5 thousand pharmacists and 5 thousand nurses.

The University employs about one thousand people, including almost 100 professors, almost 90 habilitated doctors, and almost 700 Ph.Ds. There are 125 sites within the University chairs, departments and clinics.



The Medical University of Lublin does not require applicant to major in one particular field. In fact, it seeks individuals with broad educational background.

Nevertheless, each candidate must demonstrate an outstanding record of academic achievement. The ability to master scientific concepts and to employ them with confidence is essential to complete the program successfully.

If available, students should provide the University with their MCAT scores (it is not obligatory) in order to help the admission committee in their final decision.

Apart from these academic characteristics the admission committee recognizes the need to consider each applicant's personal attributes, motivation and commitment to the career in medicine. The Admission Committee keeps the right to take the final decision on admitting students after the personal interview.


The six year MD program of the Medical Faculty of Lublin is designed for the United States and Canadian High School graduates. High School transcript and diploma are required.

Candidates from Europe

A candidate for the 6-year MD Program for Europeans should be a graduate from secondary school with a good average in marks. He/she should also have Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses completed. The candidate should have high school diploma or matriculation equivalent necessary for admission to higher education institutions in the country in which the diploma was issued.

Also good knowledge in English language both written and oral is required.

There will be pre-courses in chemistry, biology and optionally in polish language organized at the beginning of September. This is for the candidates to assure that everyone has the necessary knowledge in basic science. In order to apply or get more information, the candidates to the European MD Program are requested to contact Registrar for European Program Students:

Candidates from Asia

Medical University of Lublin provides the following study programs for English speaking students from Asia:

- 5-year Dentistry Program for High School Graduates,

- 6-year program in Medicine for High School Graduates,

- 4-year program in Medicine for College graduates with pre-medical majors or students with 3-years of college or university completed with 90 total number of credits.

Generally, new applicants can be approved for the 4 year program of Medicine only if they have completed the following courses before:

1. Chemistry General (including labs) 1 year of study

2. Organic Chemistry (including labs) 1 year of study

3. Biology General (including labs) 1 year of study

4. Physics General (including labs) 1 semester of study

5. Math/Calculus 1 semester of study

Candidates from the Middle East

The Medical University of Lublin requires from candidate for 6-year Medical Program

  • High School Diploma
  • Completed Pre–med course (or score from MCAT, at least >8)
  • At least 5.5 IELTS score at the beginning of the MD program, >5 at the beginning of pre-med course.

information was received from the Medical University of Lublin website.

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