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Medical University of Bialystok


Approximately 4,000 students from all over Poland and the rest of the world, studying in both Polish and English, are enrolled at our University. The Medical University of Białystok currently offers fourteen various degree programs, taught by over 730 members of our highly qualified faculty from the Medical Faculty with the Dentistry Division, Faculty of Pharmacy with the Division of Laboratory Medicine, and Faculty of Health Sciences. Our teaching departments provide an excellent academic and supportive environment necessary to equip students with a high level of theoretical knowledge and practical training, essential for future physicians. The recent and future addition of modern campus facilities, implementation of new teaching models, and abundant research opportunities also significantly contribute to the unique educational experience at the University.


Tuition and other fees will be specified at least 6 months prior to the beginning of the academic year.

All candidates accepted to the University are required to pay the following fees:

Admission fee in the amount of €500, payable to the University's account not later then 4 weeks from the date the Certificate of Enrollment was issued.
Tuition fee in the amount of € 9,500 for the 1st Year of Medical Studies and € 9,000 for each year thereafter (2nd - 6th).
Student ID fee and Index fee in the amount of 21 PLN, payable to the University's cash desk in the beginning of the academic year.
Dormitory fee in the amount of:
888 PLN (approximately €230) for a separate individual room.
740 PLN (approximately €190) for a single room in the suite.
Tuition Cost Per Year of Study (in Euros/€):

1st Year of Medical Studies: € 9,500
2nd Year of Medical Studies: € 9,000
3rd Year of Medical Studies: € 9,000
4th Year of Medical Studies: € 9,000
5th Year of Medical Studies: € 9,000
6th Year of Medical Studies: € 9,000

Information received from Medical University of Bialystok website.

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