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Hope Medical Institute

About Hope Medical Institute

Hope Medical Institute is an international institute maintaining affiliations and cooperative working relationships with schools of medicine throughout the world. These institutions are among the world’s finest and best known medical universities that have many years of rich history and tradition. During the long years of service, our affiliated universities have trained thousands of international students. We offer programs which are accredited and lead to licensing to practice medicine in the United States and Canada. All of our affiliated universities are recognized and listed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and are fully accredited and participate in student loan programs managed and monitored by the US Department of Education. All of our courses are taught in English in a cordial environment. The tradition of HMI's affiliated institutions is to ensure small class sizes so that students can be given the highest personalized education and training needed to prepare students to become the finest, and the best prepared physicians.

For many years, Hope Medical Institute has been a cost effective beacon of hope for many students - and their concerned parents-who hold the lifelong dream of obtaining a strong and well-balanced education in the extremely competitive field of medicine. For many others as well, Hope Medical Institute will always remain the best affordable opportunity for becoming a world class physician.

HMI was founded by many people of which were parents- who were scientists, prominent physicians, and business executives that were frustrated with the high cost of education and the difficulties to being accepted to a medical school for their sons or daughters. Parents and students learned quickly how difficult it can be to obtain admission at a reputable medical school located in the United States. They also have found how difficult it can be resettling, transferring, and obtaining licenses in the U.S. for students who have elected to study at other medical institutions abroad. Hope Medical Institute was created to assist students and their parents to overcome these problems and obstacles. HMI has developed strong relationships with renowned European medical institutions that have medical curricula equal to that of US medical universities. Our affiliated European medical universities train students using actual patients rather than virtual mechanical simulation to insure that students become knowledgeable patient connected bedside trained physicians, who are capable of dealing with both the physical and emotional aspects of medical treatment. Students who train through our programs will benefit from this real world experience and will be well prepared at the appropriate time for passing the board exams and getting licensed


Hope Medical Institute along with its affiliated Universities offer several programs leading to the degree in Medicine

The first two years of this program comprises strictly of pre-medical courses. The third and fourth year of this program is the basic medical sciences, followed by the fifth and sixth year which is the clinical sciences.

Our accelerated 4-year M.D degree program is modeled to the American 4-year medical program.

After completion of the required pre-med courses, students are qualified to start the regular medical degree program. Total duration of the program will be 5 to 6 years, depending on the student’s exposure to pre-med courses.

Students may qualify to apply for the 6-year program leading to the M.D. degree if they show proficiency in basic science courses.

Under this program, HMI, through its affiliated universities in Europe, offers advanced training and education in post graduate study and specialization in various fields of medicine. To be admitted to this program the student must have a degree in medicine with a good academic record.


Estimated Cost Of Study
1) Institute Fee (One time only):  This fee is required to cover the cost for some necessary services prior to matriculation for pre-enrollment activities. This fee is not covered by any federal student loans, therefore it is expected that the student should pay this from his/her personal or private financial resources. Please contact Hope Medical Institute for further details.

The Tuition and Fee Schedule for the Academic Year 2010-2011 will be as follows:

2) Registration Fee (One time only):       $500.00 to be paid at time of final registration at the University.

3) Basic Medical Sciences:

The cost of medical education varies from institution to institution as well as from program to program. However, generally speaking, tuition and fees for the semester during Basic Medical Sciences currently amounts to $10,950.00 USD.  The price of housing for the semester is approximately $1,900.00 USD. In other words, the total average estimated expense for tuition, room, and board, food, books and supplies, travel, etc… would be approximately $35,000.00 USD to $37,000.00 USD for an academic year during the Basic Medical Sciences in Poland. (There are 2 semesters per year.) Students may contact the Office of the Dean for further details on the Cost of Attendance.

4) Clinical Rotations

The student has the option of completing their Clinical Rotations (which is the last two years of Medical School) either in the United States or Poland. (Rotations in the United States are based on eligibility)

Students must complete a total of 82 weeks of Clinical Rotations during the last two years of their medical education to graduate from the MD program.

US Clinical Rotations:

If you choose to complete your clinical rotations in the U.S.A., the following are the fees involved:

1) Registration Fees (One time only): $1,000.00 to be paid prior to starting rotations inthe U.S.A.

2) The total tuition and fees along with malpractice cost per week would be about $849.00 USD.

Students may contact the Office of the Dean for further details on the Cost of Attendance.

Poland Rotations:

If you choose to complete your last two years of clinical rotations in Poland, the total tuition and fees per week would be about $562.00.

Students may contact the Office of the Dean for further details on the Cost of Attendance.

Clinical rotations are currently available in the U.S.A., however, HMI does not guarantee continuous rotations in the U.S.A. regardless of your status. Rotations are scheduled based on availability. Completing your clinical training in the USA or Canada is a privilege, not a right. If rotations in the U.S.A are not available for whatever reason, then the student will be required to complete their clinical training in Poland.

Information received from the Hope Medical Institute website.

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