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Charles University Faculty of Medicine

About Charles University Faculty of Medicine 

The University system in the Czech Republic is very old and steeped in a tradition of academic excellence.

Charles University (Univerzita Karlova) was founded in 1348 by the Bohemian King & Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Charles IV. It is the oldest and one of the largest universities in Central Europe.

Charles University is among a group of universities in the Czech Republic which decided in 1992 to teach some of their degree courses using primarily the English Language, to attract students from the international community.

It must be stressed that these medical degree programmes, although taught in English, are exactly the same as the fully accredited and recognised Czech degrees, except for the language of instruction.

The main medical degree programmes offered are:

  • General Medicine
  • Dentistry

The medical degree programmes can be studied at one of the several faculties which form part of the appropriate University.

Over the last few years since the link was formed with the Czech Republic, the C.M.U.C.A.S. (Czech Medical University Courses Admissions Service) scheme has helped many students achieve their goal of a medical degree qualification through this alternative route.

The Abbey College has been appointed as the Universities' sole UK centre for the appropriate faculties due to the college's excellent record in this field. For convenience, the C.M.U.C.A.S. head office is also at the site of The Abbey College.

The Universities in the scheme - including the First Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Prague and Masaryk University in Brno - were specifically chosen for the initiative because their location, reputations, accessibility and facilities were inspected, approved and accepted to be the best available to English-speaking students intending to study abroad.

Their reputations and facilities compare favourably with those of British institutions. Despite all the briefings and information offered to new students prior to leaving their home country students remain surprised at the high standard of what is available to them during their years of study.

Medical Degree Programmes

Each of the Universities in the scheme operate medical degree programmes which are taught solely in English and all are highly regarded in the International medical field.

At present there are around 1,000 English speaking students who have gone through the C.M.U.C.A.S. medical degree programmes in the various years of study for medicine, plus many more in other departments.

There are also thousands of Czech and other international students who also enjoy communicating in English, and of course all of the academic staff speak English fluently.

Medical Degree Courses
The University operates a semester system for the medical degree courses similar to that of many British institutions.

The first semester begins at the end of September and ends in December or early in January
The second semester starts at the beginning of February
The long break allows for revision and examinations. Those who wish to do so can return home during this long break and take the examination at the end of this period.

The medical degree courses are modular with many of the exams assessed orally.

The average number of hours of instruction per week is around 30
The year ends in June/July.
The last years at University are fully dedicated to clinical subjects. Bedside teaching, however, starts in the third year.

In order that students will be able to converse with patients and make clinical notes, all students are taught the basics of the Czech language at the beginning of their medical degree courses. A 'crash course' is organised prior to the beginning of the first semester, and during all major holiday periods, which teaches these basics.

Dental and Veterinary courses are also offered through the scheme, for which students should ask for separate details from the Registrar.

Studying at the faculties of medicine exacts high intellectual abilities and good moral qualities from students.

It is not the aim of the faculties to produce a high number of graduates but to educate professionally and morally wellprepared doctors of high quality, who are willing to dedicate their strength to caring for the sick and to the progress of medical science. 


The qualification gained at the end of the degree course is a medical degree granted by the University attended.

Czech medical degrees are recognised and respected worldwide for their excellence and thorough training. International students will be advised on an individual basis or can check with their own medical council.

In the U.K. the relevant authority for recognitions is the General Medical Council (G.M.C.). Following EU membership, all students completing the medical degree course are now granted Full Registration by the GMC, and so can practise as fully trained doctors and dentists in any area of medicine within the United Kingdom.

EU membership is, of course, excellent news for students as the Czech Republic automatically receives the same rights and benefits as all other member states, including recognition of degrees across Europe.

Full Recognition for C.M.U.C.A.S Universities has been achieved in the U.S.A., Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and every other country in which the C.M.U.C.A.S. has made an application.

Further details regarding recognition of these degrees worldwide are being regularly updated and available from the Registrar. 

Information from the Charles University Faculty of Medicine website.

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