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Bond University School of Medicine

About Bond University

Lecture theatres, case study rooms and tutorial rooms are conveniently located in the University Centre building; several student restaurants, cafes and bars circle the lake; and on-campus accommodation is within easy walking distance of all university faculties.

The study facilities here are world-class, incorporating high-tech lecture theatres, the latest broadband and wifi computer connections, and libraries that are ranked among Australia’s best.

Complementing these academic features, you’ll find a comprehensive selection of recreational and social outlets that encourage interaction between students outside the classroom.

Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Duration: 4 Years & 8 Months Full-Time

The Bond University Medicine Program (MBBS) is an accredited, integrated problem-based course offering direct entry to both Year 12 school-leavers and other university graduates.

Established by one of the world's leading authorities in Evidence-Based Medicine, the program is distinguished by its strong educational focus on problem-based learning. Rather than studying one specialist area at a time, the curriculum challenges students with clinical cases that combine a range of symptoms, possible diagnoses and disciplines. Essentially, you are put in real-life clinical situations from day one.

The holistic learning strategy is complemented by extensive clinical practice and patient contact integrated with the theoretical study elements.

Due to small class sizes, students learn in a highly personalised environment, on state-of-the-art equipment.

 Work Experience & Internships

This program features extensive clinical training, during which students are located in hospitals or mentored by senior specialists. For most of Year 3 and Year 4, you will be located in hospital and community clinical settings. In Year 4, there is also an elective term which students can spend at any approved hospital post in Australia or overseas.

Students intending to apply should be aware of the following:

You may be required to attend assigned clinical and professional teaching sites in locations other than the Gold Coast Region.  These placements may involve additional associated costs (i.e. accommodation and travel) for which you will be responsible.


The Bond University MBBS Program is accredited by the Australian Medical Council.

Information received from the Bond University website.

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