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Aureus University School of Medicine

About Aureus University School of Medicine

Aureus University School of Medicine’s medical program prepares medical students to become efficient, exemplary and ethical doctors. Aureus University’s mission is to provide students with the solid foundation in medicine necessary to ensure that its graduates are able to overcome any challenges during their medical careers. Aureus strives to establish a reputable institution of learning where each student’s success contributes to and reflects upon its own success as a university.

Aureus University School of Medicine surfaced in 2004 as the brainchild of eminent doctoral professors possessing more than fifteen years of experience in the international and Central American/Caribbean medical education system backed by expertise from administrators of global repute.

Aureus University School of Medicine is chartered by the Government of the Island Republic of Aruba. Aureus provides highly qualified, compassionate and efficient medical doctors with strong ethical backgrounds.

As a first step, Aureus will endeavor to increase the range of programs available. Plans are in place to expand the campus to include research and fitness facilities. The campus will be fully equipped with state of the art equipment, laboratories and research facilities to provide a conductive learning experience for our students. Student accommodations are currently provided by affiliated student housing complexes until our provision of a future dorm on campus is completed. We conduct fully accredited degree programs with competent faculty and innovative facilities, to provide a solid medical foundation and to enable students to obtain license to practice medicine in US, Canada, UK or any other member country of the United Nations.


At the beginning of their course of study, all Aureus students are required to pay a one-time, non-refundable enrollment/administrative fee of USD $795.00 (in addition to the USD $49.00 application fee).

Fees are due two months prior to com- mencement of the enrolled program. If fees are not paid on time, cancellation may occur and a USD $250 late fee will be applied upon reinstatement.  Citizens of Aruba are awarded a 50% tuition scholarship by the Aruban government.

Fees should be paid to the university’s United States admissions office by certified check, bank draft, or money order. Checks can be made payable to AUREUS, LLC in US dollars.

Additional General Costs – Food and Lodging
Food and lodging can range from $900 to $1200 per month depending on individual habits and preferences. Housing expenses usually vary depending on the type of apartment preferred and whether or not you are sharing with roommates. When sharing apartments with roommates rental rates can be brought down to as low as $500 per month. Food expenses vary, once again, depending on individual taste and habit.

Tuition fee is due on first of the month prior to the month of commencement of the semester before a $250 late fee. (December 1st, April 1st and August 1st)

The breakdown of fees for the 4 Year MD Degree program is outlined below. Please note that all fees are in US Dollars.

4 Year MD Degree Program
Basic Sciences
Session        Duration    Fees
Semester 1 16 Weeks  $6495
Semester 2 16 Weeks  $6495
Semester 3 16 Weeks  $6495
Semester 4 16 Weeks  $6495
Semester 5 16 Weeks  $6495
Total for Basic Sciences: $32,475

Clinical Sciences
Session     Duration    Fees
Semester  12 Weeks  $7995
Semester  12 Weeks  $7995
Semester  12 Weeks  $7995
Semester  12 Weeks  $7995
Semester  12 Weeks  $7995
Semester  12 Weeks  $7995
Total for Clinical Sciences: $47,970

The breakdown of fees for the 5 Year MD Degree program is outlined below. Please note that all fees are in US Dollars.

5 Year MD Degree Program
Session        Duration   Fees:
Semester 1 16 Weeks  $4995
Semester 2 16 Weeks  $4995
Semester 3 16 Weeks  $4995
Total for PreMed: $14,985

Basic Sciences
Session        Duration  Fees
Semester 1 16 Weeks $6495
Semester 2 16 Weeks $6495
Semester 3 16 Weeks $6495
Semester 4 16 Weeks $6495
Semester 5 16 Weeks $6495
Total for Basic Sciences: $32,475

Clinical Sciences
Session    Duration   Fees
Semester 12 Weeks $7995
Semester 12 Weeks $7995
Semester 12 Weeks $7995
Semester 12 Weeks $7995
Semester 12 Weeks $7995
Semester 12 Weeks $7995
Total for Clinical Sciences: $47,970


Security Deposit
All students are required to pay US $250.00 as a security deposit for the histo/path lab. This amount will be refunded upon completion of the course if no damages to slides and microscopes are incurred.

Student Insurance
The government requires that students obtain proper health insurance before they arrive on the island. There will be no exceptions to this requirement. International Student Insurance provides various links that may assist you in your search for the right insurance plan.

Indemnity/Malpractice Insurance during Clinical Rotations
All students are responsible for obtaining malpractice insurance prior to commencement of their clinical rotations. Aureus University will assist students with information concerning insurance companies which provide this service.

Please note that the cost of malpractice insurance is not included in the tuition fees. The cost usually is approximately US$ 1200 per year during their clinical years in the United states.

Health Insurance
A health insurance plan is required on the island until the student visa is processed: $300

Other Fees
Graduation Fee: $500
Student Government Association: $50
Tuition Refund Policy
A request for withdrawal must be submitted in writing, authorized by the Dean of Academics to the Director of Administration. The amount of refund for students who withdraw from the school in any term is:

80% refund if enrolled for two weeks or less
60% refund if enrolled for three weeks or less
40% refund if enrolled for four weeks or less and no refund thereafter.
The date of withdrawal is counted from the date of receipt of the withdrawal letter

Accreditation & Affiliations

Aureus University School of Medicine is chartered and recognized by the government of Aruba. The university is authorized to confer the M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) degree upon its successful graduates.

World Health Organization (WHO)

Aureus University School of Medicine is recognized and approved by University of Copenhagen’s Avicenna Directories to be enlisted in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) database of medical schools.

International Medical Education Directory (IMED)

Aureus University School of Medicine is listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED), a division of the United States of America’s Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). Aureus University School of Medicine, Aruba is recognized by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), and students and graduates are eligible to apply and sit for any step of the USMLE, in fulfillment of the ECFMG Certification requirements for a U.S. residency position.

Medical Council of Canada (MCC)

Aureus University School of Medicine is listed with the Medical Council of Canada (MCC). Graduates are eligible to apply to sit for the Canadian licensing exams. A graduate must have passed the Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination (MCCEE), and both Medical Council of Canada (MCC) Qualifying Examination Parts I and II (MCCQE) in order to apply for licensure by the Medical Council of Canada. Aureus graduates are eligible to sit for MCCEE, MCCQE Parts I and II, and apply for licensure.

United States
ECFMG Certification is required of all international medical graduates to be able to start medical residency training in the United States.  Aureus University’s ECFMG recognition enables its graduates to be eligible for ECFMG Certification.

United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE)

At the competition of the basic sciences curriculum in Aruba, Aureus students are eligible and required to take the USMLE Step 1 exam.  USMLE Step 2 and Step 3 exams are administered during clinical rotations in the United States.

National Resident Matching Program (NRMP)

Upon competition of clinical sciences and passing of USMLE Step 1 and 2 exams, Aureus students are qualified to participate in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) of the United States. Please contact the individual state boards for information regarding the practice of medicine in the United States.

Information received from the Aureus University School of Medicine website.

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