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 Application Procedure

Application Receipt and Review

Once applicants send in their completed application materials, a formal procedure ensues. IMS forwards all completed applications to UPJS (Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Košice) for further review.

Confirmation of Receipt

First, IMS will contact applicants by email to confirm receipt of completed applications. (Expect confirmation within one week of receipt of completed material.) Applicants who do not hear from IMS within the specified period can assume that their applications are incomplete. If you have any questions regarding the receipt of your application, contact Katarína Szikhartová: at Slovakia headquarters.

Notification of Application Status

Applicants who receive acceptance letters may notice that their acceptance to UPJS is provisional. This means that admission to UPJS is dependent upon one or several factors, such as graduating from BA .

If you have questions about your application status letter, please contact Katarína Szikhartová at the Slovakian headquarters.


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