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American Global University School of Medicine

American Global University School of Medicine Campus

Our campus is located in the beautiful San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. We recently moved from the capital city of Belmopan, Belize to upgrade our facility to serve our students better. Here we are able to provide our students with a great educational experience in a Caribbean setting.


The majority of students enter with a baccalaureate degree, required premedical sciences, and/or optional scores from the Medical College Admission Test, directly into the MD Program. These students generally complete the requirements for the MD degree after 10 semesters of successful academic progress. Students receive preparation for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) through the Basic Science curriculum, review courses, simulated USMLE exams, and taking all course examinations in USMLE format.

American Global University School of Medicine's curriculum is comprised of 11 semesters: 4 semesters of Basic Medical Sciences taught at the Belize campus, USMLE Review course taught at our U.S. Learning Center, and 6 semesters (72 weeks) of Clinical Medical Sciences taught at affiliated hospitals and clinical centers in the United States.

Basic Medical Sciences
During semesters 1-4, students concentrate on studying Basic Medical Sciences for 16 months. AGUSM administers both subject and comprehensive review exams intended to provide students with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the medical board examinations.

While the review exams are not counted toward a student's academic grade, they are used to assess his or her readiness to be certified to take the medical board examinations.

The Basic Science semesters follow the new paradigm in medical education. All of the traditional didactic classroom and lab work is conducted in modern facilities, and clinical experiences begin in the first semester within local hospitals in Belize.

Clinical Medical Sciences
The USMLE Review Program is taught at AGUSM's Learning Facility.

USMLE Review Program is a program that is devoted primarily to USMLE exam and the Clinical Sciences. The program acts as a bridge between the Basic Science curriculum and the Clinical Science curriculum.

The course "Biological Basis of Clinical Medicine" encompasses a fifteen-week board examination review course.

After completing the program, students are encouraged/required to take the USMLE Step 1. Upon successfully passing the exam, students proceed to clinical medical sciences in which clinical rotations are focused.

Students receive preparation for the USMLE via the Basic Science curriculum, review courses, which last 16 weeks, an electronic final exam of seven hours simulating the actual USMLE, and course examinations that have been written in USMLE format.

During semesters 6-11, students experience clerkships focused on clinical medical sciences for 72 weeks. Clerkships consist of Clinical Core Rotations and Clinical Elective Rotations at approximately 30 clinical sites. Sites in the U.S. offer residency programs approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) or are affiliated with a medical school.

After completing core clerkship rotations students are eligible to take the USMLE Step 2. Upon successfully passing the exam, students proceed to a residency program. Most students take Step 2 before graduation in order to be ECFMG certified and then apply for a residency.

Medical school tuition structure has been designed in a "student friendly" way, that makes a dream of medical career more affordable to every student interested in studying medicine. Medical school tuition and fees are due and payable prior to the beginning of each semester. Other school fees are due by the due date on the invoice, usually within 30 days. All students paying tuition and fees are entitled to the university services, facilities such as Library Services, Computer Rooms and other education related services. Required fees must be paid by all students.

Information received from the American Global University School of Medicine website.

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