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About IMS

International Medicine Studies (IMS) provides recruitment and support services to international students.

We specialize in placing foreign students in Veterinary Medicine, Medical, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical and Psychology programmes at European accredited universities.

Our unique services cover end-to-end services. From the application process to assisting with relocation, we provide individual advising and personal student services to ensure that international students feel safe, comfortable and welcome in their new home such as securing a Visa or finding a suitable apartment or dormitory room.

We are here to support you! Our goal, as outlined in our business model, is to ensure that international students complete their entire degree programmes successfully.

Meet the team

The IMS team has more than 20 years’ cumulative experience in studying medicine in Europe.

Our main office is based in Bratislava, Slovakia. In addition, we have representatives in various locations in Europe and around the world.  

We offer our English-speaking students, Veterinary, Medical, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Psychology schools in affordable, top-notch accredited degree programs in Europe.

As former international students ourselves, we are familiar with what an international student has to cope with, and provide the suitable support that is crucial for academic success.

Our unique approach

IMS places you first! We represent top-ranking universities with full accreditation across the globe.  We collaborate with experienced administrators, distinguished faculties and field experts that are prepared to give their utmost in every field. 

Our international students receive assistance in areas such as finding housing, administrative problems and general bureaucracy, problems which are not solved by the universities themselves. We understand that you have individual needs that deserve individualized support.

Our Mission

We promote and facilitate international education by providing services to the University.

Our collaboration with the universities  

  •  Handling all marketing and recruitment activities aimed to recruit international students.
  •  Providing international students with quality support services throughout their academic career. 
  •  Offering specific support during the application and enrollment processes.

To hear more about us: 

Take a look at our Videos:

Medicine studies video

Veterinary studies video

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